Speed, FLexibility, adaptability

Manufacturing & Assembly Services

When our Customers choose MGC for their manufacturing and assembly requirements, they get a reliable partner capable of the state-of-the-art precision their specifications demand, the consistent quality that is worthy of IATF 16949:2016 certification and the lean, efficient processes and value-added services that make perfect sense for their budget and timeline.


Die-Cutting Solutions

At MGC Manufacturing we are set up to meet a variety of die cutting needs. We have several presses ranging in size from 15 to 30 tons each providing precision die cutting capability. Our relationship with several die manufacturers allows us to access the best quality in precision dies with a quick turn around time. We can get from a drawing to a finished part in the shortest time and most competitive cost possible. If you have die cutting needs, please contact our sales staff to discuss how we can help.


Sewing Expertise

At MGC Manufacturing we are equipped to meet our Customer's high volume sewing requirements. Our staff of more than 80 skilled sewers are capable of handling any job big or small. Each of our sewers is trained in both accuracy and efficiency. Our single and double needle machines provide the alternatives that many sewing projects require.


Assembly Processes

At MGC our team of more than 20 skilled employees are prepared to handle a variety of light assembly projects. We currently operate more than a dozen mechanical fixtures, presses and glue machines in our Cambridge, Ontario facility. We provide solutions for local manufacturers in the automotive industry by receiving componentry, assembling, inspecting, packing, and shipping all in an expeditious turn around time. If you are looking to outsource a light assembly project, please contact us.