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Our Products

Quite simply, every product we manufacture is the category leader for quality, reliability and value. The companies who choose our products are the top organizations in their industries. Our products are installed in vehicles from the largest and most respected automobile manufacturers around the world.


Seat-Supporting Fabrics

At MGC we have access to a wide variety of seat supporting fabrics. Our international supply chain of several of the World’s leading manufacturers and distributors of these non-wovens has enabled us to become experts in this field. Our inventory of dozens of these materials will enable us to provide our Customers with the samples they need to get started or the volumes they need to meet production requirements. Contact us for a quote, for samples or for anything our expert team can provide.


Automotive Seat Backing Cloth

MGC is the North American leader in Automotive Seat Backing Cloth. Our Customer base of some of the World’s largest automotive seat manufacturers depends on us to supply them with their high volume requirements and provide them with the face to face service they need. All of this is done at the highest quality and the most competitive price. Our inventory of a wide variety of seat supporting fabrics will offer you many alternatives and our team of expert personnel are here to provide support. At our current volume of over 400,000 pieces per week, no project is too large. Contact our Sales staff to discuss what we can do for you.


Converted Mouldable Substrates

At MGC we have the capability to produce a variety of mouldable substrates. Through our expertise and fully equipped facilities in the fields of die cutting, sewing and assembly there are many different configurations waiting to be trialed. Contact us to discuss what we can offer you.


Converted Headliner and Hood Liner Scrims

MGC Manufacturing has the supply base and the capability to provide an unlimited variety of materials, shapes and sizes of Headliner and Hood Liner scrims. With our die cutting and gerber cutting expertise along with our assembly knowledge and foot print, we are able to offer you a solution to your headliner or hood liner needs.


Metal Fabrics

Through our years of experience in the field of Automotive Seating we have been exposed to many different metallic fabrics with or without adhesive. We have the supply base necessary, coupled with our areas of expertise to provide our Customers with a variety of solutions for their needs. Contact our Sales staff to discuss your needs.